A former youth minister sentenced for assaulting his wife | News

PELHAM – Former Pelham Youth Minister Todd Spain Jr., 27, will report to a reformatory on Thursday evening for the first in a series of weekend confinements for assaulting his future ex-wife .

The son of Crossroads Church pastor Todd Spain Sr. pleaded guilty to two counts of simple assault domestic violence during a virtual hearing on Tuesday. A charge of second-degree assault was dropped.

A pre-negotiated deal – including contribution from victim Molly Spain – required junior Spain to change his plea to not guilty in exchange for a 30-day sentence in a reformatory, to be served only the weekend.

The reformatory only recently started accepting weekend sentences again after suspending them due to COVID-19 restrictions.

If he doesn’t perform well for a year, Spain will have to serve another 23 months in custody.

Other terms of the settlement require Spain to submit to anger management, pay a $100 ‘domestic violence fine’, have no contact with the victim and serve 40 hours of community service. .

Under New Hampshire law, fines for domestic violence are awarded to programs that provide assistance to victims of abuse.

Judge Amy Ignatius made it clear at sentencing that any deviation from those terms “will result in a very different plan for the next two years of your life.”

She said of the negotiated terms, “I think they’re pretty light.”

“From what I read in the probable cause statement, I think it’s a fair outcome considering he went through a settlement conference and was chopped up there,” Ignatius said. . “I think it meets the terms of a fair sentence, which is why I approved it. But it’s light.”

Carroll County Assistant District Attorney Steven Briden said if the case went to trial, a jury would have heard testimony from the Carroll County Detective. Brian King and Deputy Sheriff Sean Welch, who both responded to a 911 call for the assault.

According to an affidavit written by King, Molly Spain called police while running away from her husband on the Boulder Loop Trail in Albany, New Hampshire on July 6, 2019.

She told police they had a falling out after he admitted to having an affair.

“When she turned to leave the mountain, she was hit on the back of the head with a rock,” King’s report said.

She said she had to kick and punch him to get him out of her.

Earlier in the hike, he had tried to bring her to the edge of a cliff, which she was able to back out of, she said.

At the hospital, she told police she was “afraid for her life”.

When given a summary of the attack as told by the victim and investigators, Spain agreed with them “for the most part”, he told the judge.

Molly Spain spoke directly to Todd for what she hopes will be the last time during Tuesday’s sentencing.

“I’m not afraid of you anymore. You will only become a distant memory to me,” she said. “I hope the consequences you face will change you. I hope and pray that no one ever falls victim to your hand again.”

Spain did not make its own statement during the hearing.

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