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A Tunisian delegation visits the youth center in the capital

[07-12-2021 11:14 AM]

Ammon news –

A delegation from the Tunisian Ministry of Youth and Sports visited the Youth Center in the capital as part of its program to visit the Jordanian Ministry of Youth, with the aim of examining the Jordanian experience in the fields of support and empowerment of young people.

The President of the Capital Youth Center, Mamdouh Abu Tayeh, welcomed the delegation and briefed them on the centre’s main activities and services provided to young Jordanians and young people of various nationalities, which aim to meet their needs and requirements and reflect them in effective and sustainable programs, and seek to find safe spaces that stimulate creativity and sharpen and develop the skills of young Jordanians to invest in their talents and energies.

The delegation toured the different sections of the center, expressing its admiration for the social innovation incubator of the Center region, which aims to promote a culture of entrepreneurship among young people and the community in general, and to sensitize them to their support role for the modern economy.

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