Artist turned entrepreneur launches campaign to raise £3m for Bristol youth services

A woman has launched a campaign to raise £3million for the youth services in Bristol which she attended as a child and built a successful career on.

From moonlighting like the rapper Skrilla UGQ to the foundation Mogul Spirit Groupa company promoting social mobility and providing opportunities for women from diverse and disadvantaged communities, Charmaine Lawrence’s career has taken many directions.

But before his artistic and entrepreneurial adventures, Charmain grew up in St Paul’s and attended full circle youth services at Docklands Community Centereventually becoming a youth worker as a young adult.

Now that the circle is complete, Charmain is committed to helping raise aspirations and improve opportunities for young people in Bristol by launching an ambitious fundraising campaign.

Charmaine Lawrence wants to ‘be the change we want to see’ – photo: Ellie Pipe

She told Bristol24/7: “In 2022 services for young people will be reduced to £1.9m and in 2023 it will be reduced to £1.4m. We are witnessing a drastic cut in the city sector.

“The 333 Campaign essentially asks 300 businesses to pledge £3,300 a year, for three years, raising a total of £3million for the youth sector in Bristol.

For her, community issues and rising aspirations are “at the heart” of everything she does.

With this in mind, Charmaine came up with the idea to launch the campaign to close the council’s funding gap, embodying the campaign mantra ‘be the change we want to see’.

“The campaign has just started, so there’s still a lot of work to do, but we’re really excited,” she said.

Managed by a team of youth sector professionals, proceeds from the crowdfunding will go directly to over 70 youth sector services across Bristol.

Full Circle @ Docklands strives to promote inclusion in a currently diverse community – photo: Full Circle

Despite being “woefully” underfunded, Charmaine says youth services are vital to the livelihoods of children and young people.

“The fact is that youth centers often work with children between the ages of eight and 16, which is longer than primary or secondary school,” she explained.

“We have an important role to play in the community in the life of a child and their family.”

Charmaine credits much of her professional success and personal drive to her years in the Docklands building.

She said: “This is an organization that helped me get started early on by providing self-service.

“They allowed me to be a young leader and I felt like the skills and encouragement I received here as a child definitely helped shape the adult I am today. today.”

Charmaine hosted four Media Mogul Group awards ceremonies, celebrating a range of talent from across the South West – photo: Mogul Minded Group

Charmaine has carved out a successful career, having launched a magazinefounded two cosmetics and skincare companies, coordinated networking events and created regional business awards under the Mogul Minded umbrella.

Through her work, she has engaged with thousands of entrepreneurs and creative people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

“Looking back, I’m very proud because everything I ever wanted to do, I accomplished. I had never created a magazine before or organized networking events or regional award ceremonies – but I did,” she said.

Despite Charmaine’s success, she is not satisfied, saying “there are still glass ceilings that need to be broken”.

She added, “I’m way off what I want to achieve moving forward. I know the 333 campaign is going to be a big challenge for me, allowing Full Circle to grow and thrive and be one of the best services for young people in Bristol.

“I have so much more to do and I know I have a bigger purpose than myself, but it all starts with this seed of belief.”

Visit the 333 campaign page here:

Main photo by Ellie Pipe

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