Bozeman Youth Center and Café Welcomes Over 200 Students Daily | Regional

BOZEMAN, Mont. – The Rock Youth Center has gradually seen more and more students coming for their breakfast, lunch and tutoring services in front of Bozeman High School.

The Rock’s deputy principal Sarah Morr said they strive to be a safe third space away from school and home for kids to grab a bite to eat or just hang out before, after or in between lessons.

The current facility, right across from Bozeman High School, is where they chat with students over coffee and coffee lunch and said this semester they have over 30 volunteers. regulars helping over 200 students daily.

The Rock has set up a Go Fund Me for the community to support them with their operating expenses for the spring semester of 2022.

Morr said their costs are kept under control and always low thanks to their team of volunteers, but running costs are still required to run the organization.

The Rock seeks to continue to provide students with affordable coffee and lunch options through community support as they have been able to keep the cost of lunch low enough to encourage students to come and engage with each other. with others and with volunteers on a daily basis. based.

Ways to help and more information about The Rock Youth Center can be found here.

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