carbondale youth center ready to operate | News

A new youth center at 185 Fallbrook Street in Carbondale held an open house to show off what it had to offer. The new center will begin hosting free art classes and a Leaders in Training program starting Feb. 10, according to organizers United Neighborhood Centers.

The training program gives young people the opportunity to learn “the skills to achieve their goals and stay engaged in their communities,” according to Kylee Colvin, UNC youth program manager.

“Graduates from the Leaders in Training program demonstrate higher levels of self-esteem and cooperation, and 95% of our participants go on to graduate, graduate, or move on to secondary school or the workforce,” Colvin added. “Our goal is to give these students the tools, connections, and motivation to become successful critical thinkers who are aware of their community and seek to change things for the better.”

Program participants have the opportunity to participate in monthly field trips, prizes and a year-end trip, all free of charge.

For more information, including a course schedule, contact Colvin at 570-961-1592 x 105 or [email protected]

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