Civil service union closes Center due to Youth Minister’s interference – Blueprint Newspapers Limited

The Nigerian Civil Service Union on Monday closed the entrance to the Citizenship and Leadership Training Center (CLTC) headquarters, Gomwalk Street, Gudu district, Abuja, following an attempt by the Minister of Sports and Development youth, Mr Sunday Dare, to impose a new director general in place of Mr Remi Sola Phillips, whom the minister had previously appointed on an interim basis.

The workers of the center and their union leaders had opposed since July of this year Mr. Soji Eniade’s attempt to resume his duties as director general of the center on the grounds that the minister had violated the provisions of a federal government circular. issued by the Secretary of Government of the Federation (SGF), Mr. Boss Mustapha, ordering that, when appointing heads of government agencies, consideration should be given to the career progression of existing management staff.

However, management and members of the Nigerian Civil Service Union arrived in large numbers at the CLTC headquarters early Monday morning and closed the entrance to the offices.

Union members, who held up signs with inscriptions demanding confirmation from Phillips, said they would never back down on their action, no matter how long it took.

Speaking on their action, Union Vice-President Comrade Degiri Issa Usman said the Minister of Youth and Sports had made a mistake in not confirming Mr. Philips as director general of the center of training.
“You want to know why we are doing what we are doing now. There is a circular issued by the Federal Government of Nigeria, reference number SGF 19 / S – 47 / V 11/599 dated June 24, 2012. It has been distributed to all parastatals of government, including yours.

“The title of the circular is the procedure for appointing general managers and heads of parastatals, public enterprises, agencies and institutions. I go where it is applicable in our case. The third paragraph reads as follows, in pursuit of these principles, the president of the federation has ordered that all line ministers and current officials of ministries, departments and agencies should be further reminded of the following guidelines; All appointments to the vacant posts of general managers of parastatals, public enterprises, agencies and institutions must be governed by the various laws which establish them.
“Such an appointment should be without prejudice to eligible serving officers competing for that post, it should be based on strict respect for justice, equity and fair play.”

“To ensure stability and continuity, and improve staff morale. As a continuation, these leaders should be encouraged to aspire to the highest positions in their institution through executive career development and succession planning.

“The author of this circular and the spirits ordained in it is to encourage the continued and smooth movement of the establishment and also to boost the morale and loyalty of the staff in the hope that one day they will reach the top. “, did he declare.
He called on the minister and the board of directors of the CLTC to do what is necessary so as not to prolong the crisis.

Also speaking to reporters, CLTC board member Dr Gloria Lalaba Shoda, who was present at the protest, revealed that the minister had sent a message for an emergency meeting on the matter, noting that the decision would be passed on to workers on the way to the future.

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