Councils launch targeted programs to provide additional support for youth services

Local authorities are helping to strengthen youth services with the launch of new programs offering a range of emotional and practical support to young people.

Halton and Lewisham councils have designed projects, coordinated in partnership with charities and youth organisations, which aim to improve the well-being and educational outcomes of their young people.

Halton Council, Cheshire, declares its final match with a youth service provider Atmosphere will offer three new programs covering areas such as mental health, personal development, career progression and relationship building.

In Lewisham, south-east London, young people will be able to access a new resource, the Bank of Things, which will provide access to free school materials and other essentials such as toiletries.

Specialized programs provided by Vibe: Halton Youth Outreach Halton Youth Cabinet and “Where’s your head at” will target young people aged 11-18.

The outreach program will see Team Vibe work with young people in Halton providing an early referral service for those who need targeted preventative and diversionary support, according to the council.

It will encourage young people to engage in activities that complement their physical and emotional well-being, as well as support their academic success and transition to employment, he adds.

The Halton Youth Cabinet program will engage young people in hosting bi-monthly meetings and facilitate links with other youth organization events such as the UK Youth Parliament.

Meanwhile, the “Where’s Your Head” program will provide an initial mental health awareness intervention over a structured 12-week period of activities, focusing on coping strategies, self-care, mindfulness and stress management.

Halton Council says that in addition to its three new programs, Vibe will offer health and physical activity activities during the school holidays, as a delivery partner of the Holiday Activities and Food (HAF) program in Halton .

The government launched its HAF initiative last year nationwide to provide families with free school meals support during key school holidays.

Councilor Tom McInerney, board member for young people and families, said the new partnership with Vibe was “good news” for young people in Widnes and Runcorn who would greatly benefit from the facilities on offer.

Lewisham Council’s Bank of Things scheme, due to launch at Lewisham Shopping Center today (Monday), is funded from its young mayor’s budget.

Based on the principles of a food bank, the resource for youth will help them access items they might otherwise have difficulty buying due to living in a low-income household.

The young mayor and young councilors consulted with schools and youth clubs about the project and spent time with the Lewisham Food Bank and the charity. lewisham local for tips on running a donation center.

The council says the site will be staffed with volunteers with local businesses donating items and supported by young people encouraging their peers to access the resource.

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