Court Documents Reveal Former Clay Co. Teacher and Youth Minister May Have History of Child Sex Crimes | Law

VIGO COUNTY, Indiana (WTHI) – We learn more about a former Clay County teacher who was arrested Thursday on charges of child sex crimes.

Here’s what we reported

Earlier this week, we showed you this video from Predator Catchers, Inc. which appeared to show David Dowdy interacting with who he said was a 13-year-old girl.

Dowdy was arrested Thursday morning and held in Vigo County Jail.

Who is David Dowdy

Dowdy was a youth minister and third grade teacher at Cornerstone Christian Academy in Brazil.

Dowdy has been charged with solicitation of children.

Crimes, according to court documents

News 10 has obtained court documents relating to Dowdy’s arrest and charges. All of the following are cited in return to court documents filed in Vigo County.

Police say they received information from Predator Catchers, Inc. (PCI) that they carried out an operation in which Dowdy went to meet an underage woman. The lure in the operation specifically involving Dowdy masqueraded as a 13-year-old girl.

Dowdy reportedly messaged the Decoy, who was acting like a 13-year-old girl, on an app called Whisper. Dowdy reportedly turned the conversation towards sex and discussed meeting the girl. Several times during the conversations, the two confirmed their age – Dowdy claiming he was 42 and the Decoy claiming she was 13.

The two scheduled a meeting at IGA in West Terre Haute on November 27. Court documents alleged that when Dowdy met the teenager, he was confronted with PCI and quickly fled.

The Clay County District Attorney told police Dowdy called the school he worked for and quit after being confronted with PCI. About an hour later, Dowdy’s wife called 911, telling dispatchers he was trying to kill himself. He was taken to hospital for observation. Officials got warrants to take Dowdy’s personal electronics.

During texting with the Decoy, Dowdy expressed his fear that this might be a montage, saying, “How can you prove to me that you are not a montage!” “

In the text exchange, Dowdy told the IBO lure that he “played with a few of them,” referring to sexual activity with underage girls. In the exchange, Dowdy reportedly said he had sex with various underage girls.

The two continue to talk, going into details of the sex acts Dowdy wanted to perform on the potential 13-year-old and planned to meet.

Who is Predator Catchers, Inc.?

Police said PCI had been involved in more than 300 investigations in several counties in Indiana.

PCI says it is a 501 (c) (3) organization that captures and exposes predators around the world. They claim they are not violent and strive to provide valid evidence to the police.

This is how the organization’s website describes itself:

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