Eagle Scout Project for Strickland Youth Center

MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) – It starts with a group of Eagle Scouts and juveniles in Strickland building planters, trimming plants and whatever else is necessary.

“It’s not just anyone’s decision to be here, for some it’s mandatory so it should feel good to them,” said Eagle Scout Peter Toler. Dozens of teenagers end up in the juvenile justice system every summer, hopefully these skills will help them. Peter Toler visits the various construction sites. He oversees this as part of his Eagle Scout project and contacted Strickland to set it up. It’s a good fit here. They call it “crime prevention through environmental design” – improving teens’ quality of life starts at home.

“We want them to see that there are other things they could do other than sometimes get into trouble at night,” said head of juvenile probation Michael Dekle. It’s an ongoing campaign to help families find places for teens that lead to productivity instead of trouble.

“If you have any issues or problems call us a Strickland if we don’t have the resource, we’ll point you in the right direction to get there,” Dekle said. With sweltering heat, things move at a certain pace. It’s an Eagle Scout project with lots of help from scouts to teenagers their age.

“It’s really good to work with your peers for your peers, it influences them to have a positive impact on their community,” said Scott Toler’s mother, Bernadette. Last year, the youth of Strickland took part in another beautification project to help build a peace yard.

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