Ecore Provides Single-Source Solution for Youth Recreation Center Expansion

From humble beginnings in 1982 with a small congregation of just 30 members, the Church of Cerritos has grown steadily over the years to establish a firm foothold in the Southern California community. Non-denominational in nature, the doors of the Church are open to believers from all walks of life who wish to gather locally in the community.

Benefiting from an increase in membership, the congregation purchased land and built a meeting hall to accommodate its more than 200 members just three years later. In 2012 they moved to a new location in the Cerritos neighborhood better suited to accommodate the continued growth of the Church. More recently, the Church has further improved its facilities by adding a recreation center for young people. Located adjacent to the main Church building, the recreation center is a space for sports such as basketball, volleyball, and other youth activities.

To optimize the usability of the space, the project team researched cladding solutions that offered multifunctional performance, as well as safety and acoustic properties. They were able to find a unique solution for their coating needs by Ecore’s resilient flooring selections.

“The vision for the youth center was conceived many years ago,” said Tim Wang, a church member from Cerritos – responsible for facilitating the construction of the project. “We envisioned a space that could be enjoyed by people of all ages for a range of activities, so we had very specific priorities when it came to our flooring selections, including ease of maintenance, safety, durability, function and aesthetics.The noise level was also a concern for our neighbors.

“We considered wood flooring, but felt the care and maintenance requirements would be too demanding. We also wanted shock-absorbing surfaces that could mitigate impact and risk of injury while providing good traction,” Wang noted.

The new construction, totaling nearly 9,000 square feet, spans two floors with a multi-purpose space on the main level and a running track upstairs. To meet all performance requirements, two Ecore surfaces have been specified for the center, including Bounce 2 and Performance Rally.

Over 5,150 square feet of Floor bounce 2 in two different color combinations has been installed throughout the multipurpose center area. This high performance surface features a fusion of synthetic wood grain surface bonded to a 5mm performance backing to deliver the look of real wood in a more economical, ergonomic, safe, durable and easier to clean product.

The second floor track was finished over 3,800 square feet of Ecore Performance Rally produced in a visually impactful blue tone. This 14.5mm technical surface is made with Ecore’s proprietary itsTRU technology, a proprietary manufacturing process that begins with rubber that is diverted from landfills and incineration and recycled into Vulcanized Compound Rubber (VCR) in using a pressure process that fuses the VCR to the ground surface. . Innovative technology develops and captures energy to absorb impact force associated with aggressive functional training and return usable energy to the body.

“We are very pleased with the smooth installation process and the overall completed project,” Wang said. “Ecore was able to provide us with aesthetic and functional surface solutions that perfectly met all our needs. They also provided great support throughout the process.

Mr. Wang hopes the new center will bring smiles to many members of the community. “We hope many families, friends and neighbors will visit the church to enjoy this space together,” he added.

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