Former Reston church youth minister faces illegal filming charges

A former youth minister at a church in Reston faces several charges related to the illegal filming of a minor.

Douglas Johnson worked as Minister for Youth at Saint-Jean-Neumann Catholic Church in Reston from 2005 to 2018. The Chesapeake Police Department told Reston Now that Johnson voluntarily surrendered to police on September 25.

He faces six criminal charges related to the illegal video recording of a minor in Chesapeake, according to a statement released by the church.

In a declaration, the Catholic Archdiocese of Arlington said he had undergone a criminal background check and training to prevent and report abuse as a condition of employment.

Prior to his employment he volunteered at St. John Neumann and St. Thomas Catholic Church in Becket in Reston.

Here is more information from the Archdiocese on the matter:

No known complaints or allegations have been made against Johnson regarding his time as an employee and volunteer at St. John Neumann and as a volunteer at St. Thomas in Becket. If you become aware of any misconduct or abuse on the part of a cleric, employee or volunteer of the diocese, immediately notify civil authorities and contact the Diocesan Office for the Protection of the Childhood and Victim Support at (703) 841-2530.

The Diocese of Arlington has a zero tolerance policy for abuse and is fully committed to training our clergy, staff and volunteers to identify and report suspected cases of abuse. All clergy, staff, and volunteers undergo mandatory abuse prevention and awareness training, and safe environment training is also provided to students in schools, religious education, and youth programs across the country. diocese. Anyone working with minors must also undergo a background check every five years. The Diocesan Child Protection and Victim Support Office works with parish staff to ensure training and prevention policies are followed in all of our parishes and schools. No one with a credible allegation against them serves with minors in the diocese.

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