Government empowers youth: Minister

LAHORE: Punjab Minister of Youth Affairs, Malik Taimoor Masood has said that youth plays a key role in leading any country. Pakistan has been blessed with many talented young people and they are excelling in all fields and gaining respect for the beloved motherland; he said this at a grand ceremony called E-Rozgar Youth Meetup at the Nishtar Park Sports Complex e-Library the other day.

DG Sports Punjab Tariq Qureshi, Administrative Director Syed Omair Hasan, Deputy Director of Youth Affairs Nazish Noor, Chief Executive (e-Governance) Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) Sajid Latif, several notable personalities and hundreds of male students and women also attended the grand ceremony.

DG (e-Governance) PITB Sajid Latif presented a souvenir to Minister of Youth and Sports of Punjab Malik Taimoor Masood on this occasion. Punjab Youth and Sports Minister Malik Taimoor Masood and Sajid Latif also handed out certificates of appreciation to over 250 top male and female performers of the E-Rozgar project.

Those who received certificates of appreciation are Fatima, Neha, Aneela, Aqsa, Mahnoor, Sidra, Rabia, Sadaf, Rida, Aisha, Safwa Khan, Tahir, M Shahbaz, M Tayyab, Hamin Jabbar and Abu Hanzla.

Emphasizing the imperative role of youth in the Pakistan Movement, Punjab Youth Affairs Minister Malik Taimoor Masood said that a large number of passionate young people were playing a decisive role in the Pakistan Movement under the charismatic leadership of Quiad -i-Azam. “We are rather lucky to have 63% of young people. Our youth just need proper guidance and direction and the Punjab government is making every effort to empower and mobilize such a large number of younger generations,” he explained.

Malik Taimoor Masood said that the Punjab Department of Youth Affairs in collaboration with PITB is making effective efforts to make the E-Rozgar project a success. “Young people in Punjab province are getting technical skills in various relevant fields through the e-Rozgar program. Dozens of e-Rozgar program centers are currently working in the province where thousands of young people are earning respectable livelihoods for their families.”

He further said that the Punjab Department of Youth Affairs places great importance on the participation of female students in the E-Rozgar scheme. “Potential young students in the province should participate in as many courses as possible in the e-Rozgar program to make their future bright. No less than 15,000 young people receive training every month. Young people should embrace positive thinking and serve the nation with passion,” he added.

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