Inaugural Forum is an opportunity to address the challenges facing Great Southern’s youth sector

The first Southern Youth Sector Forum has been hailed as an “invaluable opportunity” with hopes that it will become an annual event.

The forum, which took place on August 30, brought together 60 people representing a variety of groups with interests in the youth sector.

Attendees included youth workers, service managers, executives, Youth Minister Dave Kelly and Warren-Blackwood MP Jane Kelsbie.

WA Great Southern Youth Affairs Council Project Manager Kim Schroeder said common challenges were raised throughout the forum.

These challenges included limited housing options, emergency and transitional housing, and the need for better access to mental health services.

The need to create opportunities for youth participation and leadership, higher levels of collaboration between agencies and services, and alternative pathways to education and employment were also highlighted by many participants.

“The forum was an invaluable opportunity for the regional YACWA to better understand the state of play of the regional sector in the Deep South,” she said.

“The information gathered at the forum will inform the council’s ongoing regional activities and advocacy work over the next eight months.

“It will also form part of our pre-budget submission to be delivered to the government later in the year.”

A report on the forum will be distributed to attendees, as well as industry members and policy makers at the state and federal levels.

Mr. Kelly said he was delighted to be able to attend the inaugural forum.

“The youth sector forums organized by YACWA in the WA region are an excellent opportunity to discuss youth sector issues, determine future directions and engage in dialogue with the state government,” he said. declared.

“The forum saw some good ideas brought to the table and discussions around issues that really matter to young people in the Deep South, including access to youth services and housing.

“YACWA have done a great job in organizing the forum – they play a crucial role in supporting and empowering young West Australians across the state.”

The Albany forum followed a similar forum in Katanning held a month prior.

The Central Great Southern Youth Sector Forum in Katanning brought together 36 people representing 22 different organisations.

“YACWA hopes to hold these community consultations as an annual event, if continued funding is secured to do so,” Schroeder said.

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