LGBTQ Youth Center Responds to Addition of Gender Marker on Passport Applications

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) — Beginning next week, people applying for passports will have a *third* gender identity option. This latest push for inclusion came from the White House on Thursday.

From April 11, people can select male, female or X when filling out their passport application.

Tanager Place LGBTQ Youth Center in Cedar Rapids helps promote and advocate for members of the LGBTQ+ community. The director says it’s good, especially for young people, to see an ally in the White House.

Lori Ampey, director of the Tanager Place LGBTQ Youth Center, says this is especially important for young people in this community. She says she sees this as a newfound respect for the genre and that coming from a high level like the White House means so much more to the community.

Belaze Schmidt, an active participant in the center’s programs and activities, says that as a non-binary person, they say it has helped them feel more validated.

“It helps people who are like me, or similar to me, to be able to actually, on a legal form of identification, be able to show that this is who I am and that they’re happy to have that way. to do it now,” Schmidt said.

They add that this shows that government officials are trying to make progress and hope that more efforts towards inclusion can be made in the future.

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