Liberia: Deputy Minister for Youth Keen On Women’s Empowerment

Amid calls for increased participation of women in the governance of the country, the Deputy Minister of Administration at the Ministry of Youth and Sports underlined the critical need for the empowerment of women, especially young women in society. .

Minister Fematta Bracewell said that providing empowerment opportunities such as leadership development and entrepreneurship training is essential for the growth and development of Liberian society.

Deputy Minister Bracewell was speaking this weekend in Gbarnga, Bong County, following a one-day training on women’s empowerment.

“The empowerment of women is an important element for the growth of any society and that is why we are here today to organize this training for our women. The reason for this training is to strengthen the capacities of young people, especially our young women. to be able to compete in society, ”she said.

According to her, the training participants were recruited by and through the office of the youth coordinator in Bong County.

“We have come here to train our women in different skills such as business development and leadership. It is about educating them to become successful leaders in society. It will also help them know how to conduct themselves to be successful. In business. For those who are already in business, it will help them to manage their business well. In short, we want them to succeed and be agents of change in their respective communities, “she added.

In her remarks, Bong County Superintendent Ms. Esther Walker commended MYS for the training, which aims to develop the minds of young women to think and act positively.

Superintendent Walker said such training is in the right direction for the growth of the company.

She then pledged the support of her leaders to work with the Ministry of Youth and Sports through its local offices in Bong County to improve the lives of youth in the county.

“We will continue our relationship with you through the Youth Coordinator here to ensure that issues affecting youth are given attention and are addressed,” said the Superintendent. Walker said.

Ms. Ajawavi Jackie Aja Ajavon, Senior Training Facilitator, said the training will help participants achieve their dreams and aspirations to become better people in society.

Ms. Ajavon, representative of the 5th District of Delaware State and professor at Wilmington University, affirmed that the empowerment of women is essential to the growth of any nation, Liberia being no exception.

Due to the important nature of the training, Ms. Ajavon underlined the important need for follow-up so that the organizers know the impact of the training.

“I like to follow up because you just don’t want to train people and you never see them again. So in six months I’m going to come back to see if they’re the same girls we trained or if they followed. lessons learned to change their lives, ”she said.

Professor Ajavon, also from Bong County, is committed to building a community center that will help transform young people through empowerment opportunities.

“Between now and 2025, we will build a community center that will be free for everyone in Bong County. It’s going to be great; it’s going to have a sports facility, an educational facility and GED for young women, ”she said. among other things added.

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