Lowell Police Youth Services Program and Community Partners Host Basketball Camp During School Vacations

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Terance Mann, a starter with the NBA’s Los Angeles Clippers who grew up in Lowell, stands with students who attended a school vacation week-long basketball camp hosted by the Youth Services Program Lowell Police and community partners. (Photo courtesy of Lowell Police Department)

LOWELL — Acting Superintendent of Police Barry Golner is pleased to announce that the Lowell Police Youth Services Program and community partners offered a basketball camp during the school vacation week for Lowell youth from the 5th to 8th grade.

The camp was offered in conjunction with Lowell Public Schools, UMass Lowell, and the Afro-American Community Collaborative Tuesday through Thursday, with lunch provided to attendees.

Camp instructors included members of the Lowell Police Department, the Lowell High School Boys Varsity Basketball Team, the Lowell High School Girls Travel Team, and the Men’s and Women’s Basketball Teams from UMass Lowell. Students participated in drills to improve their shooting, ball handling, passing and other skills, while building positive relationships with police and other community leaders.

NBA star Terance Mann of the Los Angeles Clippers made a surprise appearance at camp Wednesday afternoon, signing autographs for students and answering questions.

Mann was born in Brooklyn, but moved to Lowell in 5th grade and attended Bartlett School and Sullivan School before going to Tilton School in New Hampshire and then Florida State University. He played basketball as a youth at Father Maguire Park, Shedd Park and the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Lowell. Mann said he considers Lowell his hometown.

Mann, who earned a bachelor’s degree in social science from Florida State with a minor in criminal justice, reminded students to work hard in school and in the field, and said he must maintain good grades in high school and college in order to play basketball.

The camp is one of many initiatives organized by the Lowell Police Youth Services Program, which aims to create opportunities for all young people in the city to participate in free after-school activities, sports and other activities that emphasize health and well-being, while experiencing positive interactions. with police.

“I want to thank all of our community partners for working with the Lowell Police Department on another great youth program for the City of Lowell, where teamwork, partnerships and dedication to youth are key to our city’s success,” said Acting Superintendent Golner. “I specifically want to thank Sgt. Mike Marshall, Officer Mindy Dower, Officer Kyle Van, Officer Jose Santiago and Sgt. Joe Kelly for their work with students and community partners, as well as Robin Desmond, Director of Public Schools Studies from Lowell.

“These activities empower our youth by providing constructive outlets to grow and learn, providing children with the opportunity to develop basic skills and basketball fundamentals while building teamwork and developing character and confidence,” said Rob Mitchell of the Afro-American Community Collaborative. . “The foundation of our community is our unwavering pride and endless support from great young men in Lowell like Terance Mann, Romello Crowell, Julian Scott and community partners like the Lowell Police Department, Lowell Public Schools, High School Lowell and UMass. Lowell.

“Lowell Public Schools is fortunate to have community partners who are so dedicated to the physical, emotional and social well-being of our students,” said Superintendent of Schools Joel Boyd. “I want to thank the Lowell Police Department, African American Community Collaboration, and UMass Lowell for providing this great and fun opportunity for our middle school students during the vacation week. These partnerships are an important way for our youth to build relationships with trusted adults in the community, as well as improve their skills and have a good time. And they got to meet Terance Mann, a kid from Lowell who worked extremely hard and didn’t forget where he came from – it’s just awesome.

For more information about the Afro-American Community Collaborative, or to contact the organization, Click here.

About the Lowell Police Youth Services Program

The Lowell Police Youth Services Program seeks to create opportunities for all youth in the city to participate in free after-school activities, sports, and other activities that emphasize health and well-being, while having positive interactions with the police. The Lowell Police Youth Services Program is open to partnership with all community stakeholders. Stay tuned in the coming weeks and months for additional programming involving swimming and the Ultimate Frisbee.

For more information about the Lowell Police Youth Services Program, email: [email protected] To donate to the Lowell Police Youth Services Program through the Greater Lowell Community Foundation, Click here.

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