Maison 411 receives more than $ 100,000 in donations to improve services for young people

TEMPLE, TX – Temple is a place where many say teens lack opportunities, positive role models, or any kind of support.

“Any kid, anywhere in town, can fall in the wrong crowd, but give them something to do, they’re bored. Show them there is more than playing sports at school, ”said temple resident Timlicia Robinson.

Especially in East Temple, where many children are influenced by bullying, crime and other dangers.

That’s why Timlicia Robinson is happy to see the impact that House 411 is having on her son, Jeremiah.

“He’s able to show who he is and how smart and amazing he is with his group of friends. He doesn’t have to worry about the repercussions, ”said Robinson.

“Really, it’s so much fun spending time with them and the more time you spend, the more consistent you are with them, the more comfortable everyone feels. It has been such a blessing for all of these boys, ”said Chad Green, volunteer at 411 House.

Robinson is not alone, several members of the community support 411 House’s mission to help young people. So much in fact that the community donated over $ 100,000 to their fundraiser.

“We need a second van. We need another junior high school coordinator. These are things that a lot of people come to our side to help achieve, ”said Michael Carpenter, 411 House board member.

$ 100,000 a day for anyone. Something like that, it’s exciting to imagine what sort of things that money could go to.

Staff at 411 House said this was their biggest donation and they hope they can expand their services to a new facility. Robinson, like many, strongly agrees.

“It’s our job as parents, even if it’s not my child, it’s my job to make sure our youth is pointed in the right direction which is why I am always open to idea of ​​having a place a program where then put the kids and their parents to get involved, ”said Robinson.

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