Man ‘O’ War appoints Minister of Youth as honorary member… praises leadership impact on community and humanity – Latest sport and football news in Nigeria


Youth and Sports Development Minister Sunday Dare has been nominated for decoration as an honorary member of Man O ‘War, at the upcoming 1st edition of his Leadership Impact Award.

Speaking during the presentation of a letter of notification to the Minister at his office, Deputy National Commander Adedamola Gbenga said that Dare’s laudable feat over the past two years in raising Nigerian youth and developing the sport did not go unnoticed. He revealed that the Man O’War never had a budget allocation until the minister intervened, hence the voluntary organization’s desire to give him an honorary member.

Gbenga highlighted the responsibilities of Man O ‘War to include the complement of the Nigerian police in maintaining peace and order in society, crowd control and traffic control, among others, noting that his role is complementary to security agencies and, by extension, to government. . He further said his volunteers cross all 36 states and the CTF.

In his response, the Minister thanked Man O ‘War for this honor. Dare has gone into the past to recount his childhood experience participating in the activities of the organization. He instructed Man O’War to consider setting up volunteer clinics across the country to encourage volunteerism and spruce up the national volunteerism policy endorsed by President Muhammadu Buhari last year.

“Through volunteering, you can get a job, full time or part time. You see a lot of young people, you don’t know the talents they have. You give them an opportunity and you are amazed by their talents. So volunteering reveals talents, it puts our young people on a pedestal to get noticed and find a job, ”said Dare.

The rewards program is scheduled for December 9, 2021.

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