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Memphis Youth Services Office Now Accepting Applications for Two Popular Youth Programs

MEMPHIS, Tenn. – If you are a parent trying to figure out how to get your child involved in the community, the Memphis Youth Services Bureau is now accepting applications to join two of their Poplar Youth Programs, the Employ Summer Experience Program or the Ambassador Program from Memphis.

Memphis youth have until December 31 to apply. Both programs are designed to help young people succeed in life. Donna Darcy is Program Manager for the Employ Summer Experience program, also known as MPLOY. Darcy says FOX13 MPLOY gives young people in Memphis the opportunity to prepare for the job market.

“They are fortunate to be part of organizations that they may not be able to be part of. It gives individuals the opportunity to not only learn or gain skills, but also to be part of the community,” Darcy said.

MPLOY is a 6-week summer program for Memphis youth ages 14-22. You must live in the city of Memphis to be eligible for the program. Darcy says that depending on the age of the participants, some may receive a stipend to be part of the program. The Memphis Youth Services Bureau partners with several different organizations in the city that allow young people to come in and essentially work/intern during the summer.

“They provide the experience for the students, and the stipend for the person who participates is paid by the city,” Darcy said.

Darcy also says that if a student is preparing to graduate from college, some may use the MPLOY program as a way to network for future jobs. Darcy tells FOX13 that a participant did an internship at MATA and when the program ended, he was offered a full-time job.

“He actually applied for a job after the program ended and he was hired full-time and started his professional career at MATA,” Darcy said.

The Memphis Ambassadors program, also known as MAP, is somewhat similar to the MPLOY program, except that MAP is a year-round program. It is also only offered to students between grades 8 and 12. Marquis Robinson is the program manager for MAP. He tells FOX13 that the program helps young people navigate their lives, figure out what they want to achieve in post-secondary education, and teaches very important life skills.

“We work with students on financial literacy, social and emotional learning, health and well-being, perseverance, leadership, community service,” says Robinson.

Destini Rainer is currently in MAP. Rainer tells FOX13 that the program helped her find herself and changed her personality.

“It made me very outspoken, it made me want to speak my mind to the world,” Rainer said.

Rainer says she gained mentors while at MAP. People who even encouraged her to start her own business with the help of LITE Memphis. Rainer now runs an Instagram account called SpokenLabs. She says it’s a way for young people to express themselves.

“If you want to get something off your chest you send it to my instagram @spokenlabs and then you talk and I’ll post it and maybe someone can relate to you,” Rainer told FOX13.

Just like MPLOY, young people in the MAP also receive a stipend, but it depends on grades. Robinson says all students need to do is maintain a 2.5 GPA, but the higher your GPA, the more money you could earn.

For both programs, you must show proof of residency, have a valid ID, and proof of education. If you would like more information about either program, you can contact the Memphis Youth Services Office. here.

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