Minister for Youth challenges young men at annual GB conference – Eye Witness News

FREEPORT, GREATER BAHAMA – Youth, Sports and Culture Minister Mario Bowleg challenged a church full of boys and young men as he opened the 15th annual Boys to Men conference, which was held at Tabernacle Baptist Church on Wednesday, February 23, 2022.

“You could be a thermostat, or you could be a thermometer,” he said.

“A thermostat controls its environment and a thermometer adapts to its environment. So the question is: which one will you be?

Bowleg told the boys gathered for the conference that they have the power to determine their destiny and have a say in what happens to them in their lives. He reminded them that every decision they make in their life will determine their future, no matter if those decisions are good or bad.

Reach Out Youth Organization founder Dudley Seide (right) presents Youth, Sports and Culture Minister Mario Bowleg with a plaque in appreciation for the minister’s speech at the 15th annual Boys to Men conference on Wednesday February 23, 2022, at Tabernacle Baptist Church. (BIS/ANDREW MILLER)

The minister encouraged boys and young men not to be discouraged even when doors or opportunities close in front of them.

“Don’t get discouraged, because that’s life,” he said.

“It means you’ll end up where you’re supposed to be, not where you want to be.

“You must understand and know your purpose in life. If you do not understand and know your purpose in this life, then my brothers, you will never know where you are going.

“Understanding your purpose in life is knowing where your passion lies and what you do best.

“Whether you are an artist, a musician, an athlete, good at mechanics, carpentry, whatever it is, once you understand your purpose, you will live a fulfilling life.”

Bowleg noted that the conference is on the right track to help address some of the issues and concerns young men across the country face on a daily basis.

This year’s conference featured other speakers including Norris Bain, Assistant Director of Athletics in the Northern Bahamas; Dudley Seide Jr, of Gateway Church on Bimini; and Calvary Temple Youth Pastor, Pastor Bruce Russell.

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