Muhlenberg Library Youth Services Coordinator Looks at Literacy Programs

The start of the new year marked the start of expanded new programming for the Muhlenberg Community Library (MCL.) After obstacles leading to closures, such as the COVID-19 shutdown and flood damage in 2020, the library has now returned to in-person programs. Until 2022, all library events were presented virtually or in person with an outdoor setting. With the library returning to limited in-person browsing a year ago, many patrons wondered when the programs would return.

Many customers and community members have relished the return of some of MCL’s basic literacy programs such as Wonderful little ones, a story for babies and toddlers; and Read more, an after-school program for tweens with chapter books and, of course, s’mores inside! MCL’s new Youth Services Coordinator, Melissa Carroll (known to story buffs as Mrs. Melissa,) has expanded the library’s regular basic literacy programs to include Family Story Hours and home school students. Mrs. Melissa invites the whole family to participate in a bedtime story with a relaxed dress code in pajamas! Story time in pajamas takes place every 1st and 3rd Wednesday at 6 p.m. New Home school hub engages homeschool students and their parents with social library learning activities every 1st and 3rd Tuesday at 1 p.m.

Melissa comes to MCL with a wealth of experience as the former director of the East Hounsfield Free Library in East Hounsfield, NY. She has already made her mark in the library with her captivating programs. Melissa indicated that her strengths about the library were that “[staff] is ready to not only go above and beyond for our customers, but also for each other! I also like being close to school. With my education background and now my position as YS Coordinator, it is extremely exciting to be able to talk and work with students and provide them with what THEY would like to see in the library.

New programming will continue to benefit the library community and its needs, such as basic literacy. Basic literacy is one of five literacies recognized by the PA Forward initiative of the Pennsylvania Library Association (PALA), which aims to advance the literacy that will move Pennsylvania forward! According to PALA, “Libraries can push Pennsylvania to achieve one of the highest literacy rates in the nation, a better educated and more skilled workforce, and a growing tax base, economy, and population.” “. Join MCL to move forward! Visit the library website for the full schedule of programs and special events at

About MCL–The mission of Muhlenberg Community Library is to promote lifelong learning opportunities by providing free library services to all who seek to change, improve, enrich and enjoy their lives.

Learn more about the Pennsylvania Library Association’s 21st Century Literacies initiative – PA Forward® was designed to give voice to what the library community already knows and what other states across the country also recognize:

With the right support, libraries are uniquely positioned to become the community hubs of information, technology, and learning that will fuel educational and economic opportunity for all of our citizens.

Libraries have gone far beyond simply being repositories of books. These are agile institutions that respond to real needs. Libraries are the key to progress and improving the quality of life in Pennsylvania by nurturing the kinds of knowledge essential for success: Basic literacy, Information literacy, Civic and social literacy, Health Literacyand Financial Literacy.

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