Nearly £300,000 to be invested in youth services in Colchester

NEARLY £300,000 is to be invested in Colchester Youth Services as part of multi-million pound government funding.

Colchester Council have said they are finalizing business plans for their Town Deal projects, having received £19.2m to invest.

This means that the council is in the final stage of getting the money where they present the detailed finances to the government who allow the funds to be paid.

The townhouse, in West Stockwell Street, will receive the bulk of the money earmarked for young people, Colchester Council Leader Paul Dundas said.

He added that “significant investments” will also be made in Stanway and Highwoods youth centers which will receive £170,000 and £120,000 respectively.

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However, it falls short of the £2.1million that was dropped last year by the board of the We Are Colchester partnership, which would have helped set up an OnSide youth zone in the city.

In July, Mr Dundas said a suitable site had not been agreed for a youth zone and the council would also have to find £500,000 a year to keep it running.

Happy – Paul Dundas

“Without a doubt, we don’t all have exactly what we want,” the council leader said. “If I could write the list myself it would be different, but the fact that everyone had to compromise probably indicates that no one sector dominated.

“In an ideal world, it might not be so centered on Colchester town center – there is so much more to our borough than the town centre.

“I’m very happy with one aspect, the investment in youth services, we’ve been able to make sure that everything isn’t going to go downtown.

“The Town Deal of nearly £20m will allow us to raise money elsewhere, so the total investment will add up to closer to £100m in total.

“The bottom line is that it has to be an investment. It must bring real long-term benefits and generate long-term economic gains so that it is not wasted.

“I really hope everyone can support the projects across Colchester and we will see diggers in the ground very soon.”

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