Neighborhood youth services find a new home

DULUTH, Minn. – A barbecue and open house was held in honor of neighborhood youth services that have joined the Family Freedom Center.

The Hills Youth and Family Services closed in 2021 and since then Neighborhood Youth Services has been without a permanent home.

The Family Freedom Center resumed the Neighborhood Youth Services program on August 1 after months of discussion and recognition of their aligned goals.

The neighborhood’s youth services serve about 400 children a year and with this merger they hope to be able to serve more.

“It’s really a chance for us to get to know the parents of Hillside since our organization will now be taking care of their children and so it’s kind of our way of reaching out and doing our best to get to know everyone and basically showcasing ourselves around the neighborhood there’s just more people now on the team and our family has grown a lot and so we’re really able to do all the things that we’ve done separately , we are able to do this on a much larger scale together,” says Family Freedom Center Executive Director Jacob Bell.

With the new merger, the Family Freedom Center hopes to host more educational and community events like this.

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