PUBLIC LETTER: End of an era for Chamberlain Youth Services

The Agency will cease operations of its STRTP program as of December 31.

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Dear members of the community, donors and partners:

Chamberlain Youth Services is proud to be able to provide quality care to children and young people who have experienced trauma, abuse and neglect for 56 years! Through the collective efforts of our employees and partner countries, the ability to provide consistent therapeutic care around the clock and adapt to new challenges has been commendable. Due to legislative reforms and a labor shortage, our Board of Directors made the difficult decision to cease operations at our short-term residential therapy center. [STRTP] program as of December 31st, 2021.

Although the news was difficult to process, we remain committed to ensuring that the holiday season is memorable for the remaining children in our care. To date, we have a current count of four children, all of whom have transition plans in place to return to family, foster homes or a lower level of placement.

We are proud of the impact Chamberlain has had on our community as well as on the youth and families who have benefited from the organization’s services and mission. Without the support of our community and partner counties, the work could never have taken place. We are more than honored to have served as many children and families as we have.

While this may be the end of an era for CYS, our board is diligently engaging in conversations with other agencies to maintain the culture and continuity of services we provide to children and families in our county. Although the details have not been finalized, we are delighted to know that there are other non-profit organizations committed to ensuring that the legacy of CYS lives on and the opportunity to cover more ground in the San Benito County and its people is ongoing. As a more finalized plan is determined for what will happen to our site, our Board of Directors will communicate these plans to the community that has supported the mission and the children over the years.

On behalf of CYS and our Board of Directors, we cannot thank the community enough for seeing the value in our work and for supporting our organization in so many ways. Your support has enabled us to make the children served feel loved, wanted and seen, which has enabled us to help them believe in and love themselves.

Brenda Jimenez,

interim CEO

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