RCSD and Youth Center team up to benefit Rossmoor community

The Youth Center receives a lot of publicity about what it does for local communities. The success of the Youth Center is not just what most people see. I would like to highlight one of the greatest partners that contributes to the success of this organization. The mission of the Rossmoor Community Service District is to provide high quality, cost-effective services that improve the quality of life for residents of Rossmoor. This is what makes the partnership with the Youth Center so beneficial for its residents.

It all started in 1995, when the people of Rossmoor requested a local summer camp for their children. Former Youth Center CEO Tom Stretz contacted the Rossmoor Community Service District. Former RCSD President Tom Fitzgerald, assisted by his team, worked with Tom Stretz to find the solution and forged a partnership that is strong today. In 1996 the Youth Center offered a summer camp for the residents of Rossmoor for the first time.

“Joe Mendoza, the current Chief Executive, continues the legacy of ensuring Rossmoor residents have affordable local recreational and educational programs in their neighborhood,” shared Lina Lumme, CEO of the Youth Center. New programs and special events have been added since the appointment of Joe Mendoza in 2018. Currently Rossmoor Parks hosts many youth center programs including Camp SHARK, Teen Camp, Tutoring and Rascals programs after school. Over $300,000 in scholarships have been provided by the Youth Center to local residents since 1996 through this partnership. During the summer months, many young members of the community have the opportunity to take youth development training and get their first job, practically in their own backyard.

“I’ve lived in Rossmoor all my life and my children loved going to summer camp at Rossmoor Park,” said Rossmoor resident Arnie Fine. “My two boys learned sportsmanship and made friends. When they were old enough to volunteer, they joined the YC team and learned valuable life lessons. Now they are very successful adults. This partnership is exceptional for residents like me.

In 2015, the Youth Center’s literacy program flourished as local children began participating in reading challenges. Later Rascals Mini Library on Wheels was built by a local Rossmoor resident. To date, local Rascals After School students have read over 7,000 books.

The Rossmoor Community Service District is located in the community of Rossmoor in Orange County, California. Approximately 10,500 residents call this unincorporated bedroom community located behind a distinctive brick wall located between the towns of Seal Beach and Los Alamitos. Rossmoor Special District is governed by a five-member Board of Directors, who are elected by the residents of Rossmoor and operate under the supervision of a Chief Executive. Rossmoor is known for its beautiful urban forest, beautiful homes and strong family values.

For more information on the programs, visit www.TheYouthCenter.org.

Campers enjoy a science day at Rossmoor Park. Courtesy picture.

This article was written by Gina Elefante.

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