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Project description

The new REACH Ashland Youth Center houses a rich array of youth-focused services in a singular and iconic building identity. The sustainably designed, two-story, 31,500 square foot LEED Platinum structure features: a full medical and dental clinic; library; a public cafe; media production, dance and fitness rooms; classroom; a computer lab; a visual arts room; daycare; a career center; a courtyard; and, behavioral health counseling and administrative spaces. The building design emphasizes transparency, openness and flexibility between different functions to foster exploration, social connectivity and programming flexibility. The Youth Center is located in a neighborhood park adjacent to a middle school. RDC developed the design through an extensive community design workshop process working closely with a “steering committee” of a local youth group.

Participatory Design – Youth Engagement Process. A core value of the project is that it emerged from a collaborative viewing process with a focus group of local youth. This innovative participatory design process took place every two weeks over a three-month period and consisted of paralleling the step-by-step design process with an equivalent process engaging young people. He was very generative in nature and laid out key approaches and design ambitions for the project, with many of the young people’s ideas being implemented directly into the design.


2014 CCAEA Award for Best Large County Capital Project

Grand Prize CCAEA 2014 for the best overall project

2013 AIA East Bay Design Awards of Merit

2010 AIA Redwood Empire Design Awards Citation, “Unbuilt” Category

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