Ready-to-use graduates congratulated by the Minister of Youth

THE MINISTER of Youth, Sports and Culture Iram Lewis with participants in the job preparation program in Grand Bahama.


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THE MINISTER of Youth, Sports and Culture, Iram Lewis, congratulated more than 70 young participants who completed the seven-week employment preparation program in Grand Bahama.

At yesterday’s closing ceremony, 72 graduates of the program received certificates, which certify that they are now equipped with non-technical development skills and on-the-job training.

Some participants have already been hired by local businesses including restaurants, the Ministry of Tourism and other government agencies where they have been placed for training.

The program was aimed at young people aged 17 to 25 who had not been able to find employment since the start of the COVID pandemic in March 2020.

“Grand Bahama Island has been through a lot in recent years. We all know the parodies, complications and problems this world has experienced as a result of this pandemic, ”said Lewis. “As we strive to create our new normal, this group has been equipped with the tools necessary to thrive in the work environment locally and abroad.

“You persevered, you survived the global pandemic, the worst hurricane in 50 years, government closings, school closings and an economic downturn in Grand Bahama and you are still here,” he said. added.

The program, he said, prepared them for an “ever-changing” workforce.

“You are now more than ever equipped to confidently enter the workforce and acquire the jobs you want,” Lewis said.

He was happy that the program had benefited people all over the island, from Gambier Point to East Grand Bahama to the West End.

He is convinced that the participants will be successful in their future endeavors.

“I am proud to say that these young people are showing us the positive and great potential for the future,” he said.

He said that there are a variety of social ills, such as crime, poverty and various social inequalities, which negatively affect young people.

He said his ministry understands the importance for young people to overcome these issues and provides opportunities for young people from all walks of life to realign themselves and get on the right track through the development of their soft skills and training. during employment.

Mr. Lewis noted that this year the program was inclusive, blended and diverse.

There were virtual and in-person sessions that taught soft skills to people with disabilities, as well as recent high school graduates and students.

He said the ministry aims to ensure that the entire island of Grand Bahama is represented.

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