Remarkable Performance by Youth Minister in 2021 – Global Times Journal

The Ministry of Youth under the current Minister of Youth, Mohamed Bangura, has had remarkable achievements.

Given the ministry’s vital role in transforming the country’s youthful population, the government’s appointment of Mohamed Orman Bangura to lead such a sensitive ministry has won international praise as donor partners continue to support various reforms under the aegis of the ministry.

Recognizing the need to develop the regulatory framework for the youth sector, Mohamed Bangura facilitated the review of the National Youth Policy, the National Youth Service and revised the National Youth Commission Act.

Other reforms currently being initiated by the Ministry include the Criminal Procedure Amendment Act, the Ongoing Sentencing Guidelines Regulations and the Traffic Offenses Act 2007 and Regulations 2011 as most of these laws are not youth friendly.

The youth empowerment and employment scheme, introduced by the minister, has seen the empowerment of more than five hundred youths who have benefited from various trainings on farming and heavy equipment operations under the ministry.

With the establishment of car wash centers across the country, chiefdom farms, the National Youth Service, the training of 40 innovators on entrepreneurship and starter kits, Youth Konnect projects to n’ To name a few, young people have been well positioned by the ministry to assume various leadership roles. roles in the country. Most of the beneficiaries got jobs in multinational companies in various sectors, living a decent life in the society.

The Youth in Fisheries project could be described as one of the most successful projects launched by the New Direction government.

Through the provision of fishing boats and accessories by the ministry, fishing has become a lucrative business in Sierra Leone and has provided economic livelihood for those engaged in the trade.

With these reforms underway in the ministry, satisfied donor partners have more than ever doubled their support to the ministry due to the transparency and accountability demonstrated by the minister.

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