Stop making undergraduates study irrelevant subjects, says former youth minister

Muar MP Syed Saddiq Abdul Rahman spoke again yesterday about the Malaysian education system which contains too many irrelevant subjects, including Islamic studies, for college students.

The 28-year-old brought up the subject again in a video addressing critics accusing him of trying to remove religious studies from the college curriculum. In the clip released online today, the former Minister of Youth and Sports reiterated his concern about students taking too long to graduate from college because they had to take subjects unrelated to their curriculum. ‘studies.

“I think people have misinterpreted it is not about religion. These are topics that have nothing to do with a college student’s course, ”he said in the clip, a month after raising the issue in Parliament, calling for a review compulsory subjects at local universities.

Source: Syed Saddiq / Twitter

One of the subjects Malaysian students of all religions were required to take was Islam and Asian Civilization, or TITAS.

“For example, an engineering student in [Universiti Teknologi MARA] is expected to study TITAS, Hubungan Etnik (ethnic relations), co-curriculum, cooking and walking for two semesters.

He also noted that Malaysian students have studied Islam from primary to college, which should be more than enough.

“These subjects are also taught in primary, secondary and pre-university schools, so students should already master them,” he added. “University students are adults and should be treated like adults! They should be able to choose topics according to their interests.

In the same video, Syed said he studied economics and public speaking by choice while studying law at the International Islamic University of Malaysia.

A UiTM speaker teaches walking. Photo: Kokurikulum UiTM Caw Unit. Perak / YouTube

Syed’s clip mainly drew support from graduates, with some lamenting that they could have graduated earlier without the irrelevant subjects.

“… without all of those repetitive subjects that we all learned in school, we could save a semester on college and graduate sooner,” Twitter user Haaneyss said.

Tkabii rang: “100% agree. I could have graduated in less than two years, but I had to take these unrelated subjects. “

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