Territorial Youth Services announce huge support for expansion project

The project was previously announced by Territorial Youth Services last year during a presentation to the North Battleford town planning committee.

Neufeld says TYS’ day-to-day operations have always been focused on programs for young people to help them achieve their goals.

“There are a lot of young people coming in for pre-employment training,” he says. “They get real paychecks. So that’s really cool. There are other children who have community service hours [to complete]; they are here too. Or, there are children who have fines to pay, so we are working on it. We will pay their fine if they come here.

Donations were received from the following organizations: $50,000 from BATC Community Development Corp., $15,000 from RBC Dominion Securities; $15,000 from RBC Foundation; $15,000 from the WPD ambulance; and $15,000 from Nutec Broderie.

Additionally, Serafina Energy Ltd. is donating over $100,000 in total to the project, consisting of $38,000 from fundraising at a golf tournament last year, another planned for this year, and a contribution of $50,000 paid on Tuesday.

“With us with Serafina Energy, when we look at community investment, we look at youth and education. They’re all very important to us,” said Jason Bezruchak, Community Relations Manager. heard about this initiative, we were very excited and wanted to be part of it.”

Tracy Benson, chief executive of BATC Community Development Corp., said the organization is pleased to contribute to the Territorial Youth Services project.

“I know it took them a long time to get their own building,” she said. “We are always trying to find ways to help fund any kind of [initiative] like that.”

Benson noted that Mayors David Gillan and Ames Leslie serve on the BATC CDC board.

Neufeld said having a larger, more comprehensive facility to run youth programs will provide young people with more opportunities.

The ground for the project was prepared last year, so the building, which will be located behind the Territorial Drive Alliance Church, is expected to be developed this week.

“We hope to occupy it, I would say, in the fall of 2022,” Neufeld said. “By November 2022, we will be at this facility working with children.”

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