The City of Columbia Compiles a Youth Services Guide for the Summer

The Youth Services Guide will include youth programs available through the Columbia Department of Parks and Recreation

COLUMBIA, SC – Summer is upon us and the kids will need something to do to keep busy. The City of Columbia is compiling a list of youth activities available during the summer months and is asking local youth groups and organizations to submit information for inclusion in the city’s schedule. Youth Services Guide.

“I remember how important it was to me to have fun and positive activities during the summer when school was out. It is important that our young people have positive, fun and formative activities this summer,” said Councilor Tina Herbert.

The Youth Services Guide is considered a public service because it can be used as a resource for parents and guardians looking for activities for their children. The guide will include programs for City of Columbia Parks and Recreation Department as well as information submitted on programs and activities in the region. The information can be used for those who want to volunteer, donate or help local youth groups.

To submit information about your group’s summer programs or activities, email [email protected] The following information should be included:

  • Organization or group name
  • Primary Contact Name and Contact Information
  • Description of the program
  • Services provided
  • Age Range of Youth Served
  • Resources needed, e.g. volunteers, books, sports equipment, etc.

“We are committed to connecting youth organizations to the resources they need. Our Parks and Recreation department is looking for staff for our summer camps and outside groups need volunteers. We need the community to get involved this summer for our youth,” said Columbia Mayor Daniel Rickenmann.

The guide is now available to the public on the City of Columbia website at and at City Hall 1737 Main Street.

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