The Jamiliya Youth Center organizes a story-writing workshop for children

Doha: The Jamiliya Youth Center, in cooperation with the Qatari Forum for Authors, organized a workshop on the art of writing a children’s story presented by author and director Ahmed Al Muftah, with the participation of journalist and author Saleh Gharib.

Twenty-five members of the Jamiliya Youth Center participated in the workshop, learning the requirements, steps and elements of writing a children’s story. To begin with, the writer must have a great imagination, in addition to the ability to pretend to be children and guess what might be on their minds. Also, good planning is crucial for a good story. Followed by extensive brainstorming for engaging ideas that would appeal to children. Next comes the writing process with particular emphasis on choosing a strong and interesting beginning, as well as maintaining the sequence of events according to the structure of the story construction.

Author Saleh Gharib said the Qatari Forum for Authors provides necessary support and guidance to new writers, with the aim of developing their writing skills and ensuring they are on the right path to becoming successful writers. creative writers.

In addition, Gharib added that the workshop gave a set of advice to participants wishing to write fiction, such as the importance of determining the age group for which the story is intended, in addition to the advice he would be a great help to the writer. to try to return to their childhood and recall memories, thoughts and feelings with the aim of finding inspiration by writing down the events of the story.

Furthermore, he pointed out that for an author to write a story, he must create a main and unique character who will be the center of the story, for children to identify with and interact with. In conclusion, reading is an essential tool for writers to enrich their writing skills, styles, and vocabulary.

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