The Marvel Universe Has A Queer Youth Center Named After Matt Baker


Today’s post Voices of Marvel: Pride 2022 #1 establishes the Matt Baker House as a center for LGBTQIA+ youth, located in Queens, New York. Matt Boulanger was a Golden Age comics creator, working in the forties and fifties on comics such as Lady Ghost. One of the first successful African-American artists in comics, his friends and colleagues are said to have declared him a gay man, albeit closed to his family. He also co-created the very first graphic novel in 1950, It rhymes with lust.

If that’s not enough, he created the first black comic book character, the jungle hero Voodah published by McCombs in Crown Comics #3 in 1945, though later appearances saw the comic book character colored as if he was a white male. His connection to Marvel was working for Atlas Comics, forerunner of Marvel including western comics with Stan Leeincluding titles such as Outlaw of the west, fast-trigger action, frontier western, wild western, love romances, my own romance, teen romances, weird tales, fantasy world, and Tales to Astonish. Matt Baker died tragically young of a heart attack in 1959, aged 37, and his legacy had to be unearthed in retrospect. But now immortalized in the Marvel UniverseAuto Draft

In a story today Voices of Marvel: Pride 2022 #1 by Grace Freud, Scott B Henderson, Lee Townsend and Peer of Brittany at the Matt Baker House to host a support group for superpowered trans teens, Supertrans, led by Dennis Dunphy – D-Man.

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And introducing four new trans characters to the Marvel Universe, Pity Girl, Aphelion, Good Arson and Faceshopper.

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Naturally, as this is a Marvel comic, the reunion is interrupted by violence, as a fight against Spider-Man spills over into the Matt Baker household. As Aphelion attempts a tagline and team name to face the occasion.

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And even Elaine Coll, Scorpia of the Sinister Syndicate realizes she may have gone too far with this one.

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Ginger’s is a real lesbian bar in Brooklyn’s Park Slope neighborhood, and the last lesbian bar in the borough after the closing of… oh boy, Excelsior. A missed opportunity there. Later in the anthology, a fifth new Shela Sexton trans character, Escapade, debuts as a supervillain trans character in Marvel Voices: Pride 2022 #1 appears by the Supertrans support group at the Matt Baker House in his own story, by Charlie Jane Anders, Ro Stein, Ted Brandt, Tamra Bonvillain, and Naseem Jamina.

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Two creative teams, two stories, one place, The Matt Baker House. It’s as good as established in Marvel Universe canon. And plans for getaway for New Mutants also in October.

(W) Alyssa Wong (F) Stephen Byrne (CA) Nick Robles
Fresh off of a GLAAD Award nomination for the 2021 Anthology, MARVEL’S VOICES: PRIDE returns for a jam-packed celebration of LGBTQI+ characters and creators! New York Times bestselling and multi-award winning author Charlie Jane Anders introduces a new hero to the Marvel Universe – and it won’t be the last time you see him. Enter the ground floor here! Christopher Cantwell, IRON MAN scribe and acclaimed television showrunner, tackles the complex legacy of Moondragon for a moving story across space and time. Shuster and Eisner award-winning writer Andrew Wheeler makes his Marvel debut with MU’s true god of love – Hercules! Nebula, World Fantasy and Locus award winner Alyssa Wong unites the Young Avengers in a story that will appeal to fans new and old! And that’s just the first slice of the rainbow. MARVEL’S VOICES continues its groundbreaking anthology series with another vanished glimpse of the world outside your window! T+In Stores RATED: June 22, 2022 MSRP: $9.99

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