The Minister of Youth undertakes to create a register of youth workers

Youth Minister Nigel Huddleston has promised to create a national register of youth work to raise the profile of the profession with funders and families.

He said the move would “reinforce the professional status of youth work to give funders, young people and their parents the opportunity to know who is a qualified practitioner”.

The creation of a register has been a call from the youth sector for several years.

Two years ago a report of the all-party parliamentary group on youth affairs highlighted the need for a register to “support both professional development and a probationary period”, similar to new graduate status in the teaching profession.

The National Youth Agency (ANJ), alongside the Youth Work Institute, Regional Youth Work Units, the Local Government Association and UK Youth have long called for the creation of a register and have set up a steering group to oversee the development of a register.

Huddleston made the pledge to create a registry during a speech at NYA Youth Work Summit, which took place as part of Youth Labor Week.

“The government is committed to helping youth workers develop the skills they need to better support all young people,” said Huddleston, who took over the role of Baroness Barran when she moved from the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) to the Department for Education during the recent reshuffle.

He also said the government was looking to support NYA’s work around creating a curriculum and workforce strategy and boosting online learning for youth workers.

Abbee McLatchie, NYA Director of Youth Work, said, “After a long journey, we welcome the support of DCMS with seed funding to begin the development of a youth work registry.

“We will work with the DCMS and our Registry Steering Group partners to define, shape and explore the parameters of this in the weeks ahead, including robust safeguards.

“While this registry does not confer a license to practice, it will allow us, when fully trained, to better understand who is currently involved in the youth workforce, from volunteers to trained professionals. This will allow us to understand the best way to continue to grow and support the workforce for the future.

Huddleston has one of the most extensive ministerial mandates in government, overseeing policy on tourism, charities, youth and sport.

He added that “there is huge potential to integrate young people into my wider portfolio, from growing the role of volunteering to creating a greater connection between youth and sport”, as well as in the arts. and the digital sector.

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