Trenton’s Isles Youth Services partners with artist Leon Rainbow to create Peace Mural – Trentonian

  • One of the teenagers who worked on the mural with Leon Rainbow in Trenton. (Photo submitted)

  • Leon Rainbow works with young artists and volunteers to create a mural in Trenton. (Photo submitted)

  • This mural was created in collaboration between artist Leon Rainbow and artists and volunteers from Isles Youth Services. (Photo submitted)

  • Young artists and volunteers from Isles Youth Services worked with Trenton artist Leon Rainbow to create a Peace Mural in Trenton. (Photo submitted)

The Isles Youth Services, in collaboration with nationally renowned artist Leon Rainbow, celebrated the completion of the IYI Peace Mural.

The artwork was co-signed by Isles Youth Services, which includes the IYI Evening Program and the IYI Evening Report Center (ERC).

United Front For Teens also participated in the creation of this fresco.

Isles Youth Services said in a released statement: “We wanted to involve so many local youth groups in this project so that they can see the power of unity and work together as a team. Isles Youth Services strives to break down the barriers of working in silos, delivering service learning projects that will benefit everyone.

The mural is located on the side of Classico Auto Glass at 42 Ashmore Street, who said he was tired of the violence in his neighborhood so he wanted to display some artwork on the side of his garage displaying the peace for everybody.

Mission accomplished, thanks to artists Leon Rainbow, Liz Amaral, Raven George and Classico Auto Glass owner Alex Salguero.

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