Urbana Youth Center students take a local career trip

The Urbana Youth Center (UYC) recently took around 25 of its student members on a career trip to Bundy Baking Solutions & Rittal to explore local career opportunities. The trip took place during a regular school day at Urbana High School and was planned in coordination with the Ohio Hi-Point Career Center and schools in the city of Urbana.

“It was a great opportunity for these students to learn more about Bundy and Rittal – great jobs available right here at Urbana. They were all shocked to learn that Bundy makes the molds for the McDonalds & Subways buns and that Rittal makes the server enclosures for some of the biggest organizations in the world, ”said Justin Weller, Executive Director of the Urbana Youth Center. .

Sidney Marshall, a current 10th grade student at Urbana who made the trip, found it very valuable. “I thought the trip was really good. I have learned that even if I am not trained in a field, they are ready to train us. They seem very patient and happy to see us working for them. I hope to graduate and work for Bundy or Rittal, ”Marshall explained.

Rittal & Bundy have plenty of part-time and full-time employment opportunities available locally in manufacturing, coding, robotics, marketing, business, and more. Both employers want to make sure students know they can find good paying jobs locally.

Tom Coles, Bundy’s vice president of human resources, explained: “Investing in the future workforce is not just a good business decision, it is a decision to help empower young people. ‘have a successful life. The Urbana Youth Center is exactly the type of positive, forward thinking that keeps communities strong and prosperous. We have been honored to participate in this excellent opportunity for students and look forward to our continued partnership with UYC.

“Rittal believes the community must invest in our youth. They are our future. We were delighted to support this career journey and show students the extraordinary full-time and part-time opportunities that exist at Rittal. Our team looks forward to continuing our partnership to help the ongoing efforts at the Youth Center, ”said Tony Pearson, Rittal’s Director of Human Resources.

Ohio Hi-Point Career Center is a technical career school district serving 14 partner schools in five counties, including schools in the city of Urbana. Hi-Point strives to promote career opportunities for students upon leaving high school.

“What a fantastic experience for our students. Bundy and Rittal both gave a great presentation and a great tour, ”said Christina Flowers, Career Intervention Teacher for Hi-Point at Urbana High School. “Several students left excited about the career possibilities for themselves after graduation. I cannot thank the youth center enough for the opportunity it has helped to offer our students. What a fantastic day!

Don Klingler, Advanced Manufacturing Instructor for Hi-Point at Urbana High School and one of the teachers who participated in the trip, said: “What a great opportunity for our students to learn more about our local niche manufacturers. and the careers they can offer. “

“In meeting and planning with Justin (Weller) and his staff last summer, I was excited and encouraged to partner with UYC as well as our career-focused program courses here at UHS to deliver to our students have opportunities to explore career paths in the community and receive information that can prepare them for success after graduation, ”said Nate Sever, Principal of Urbana High School.

The Urbana Youth Center, a project of the GrandWorks Foundation, provides comprehensive services for young people to reach, restore and revive the community. Currently serving over 500 student members in Grades 6 through 12, with an open heart, open mind and open doors, UYC educates students through respectful, honest and open-minded programming – in accordance with the mission of the organization.

“The purpose of this trip was to expose local students to great local career opportunities and this is what we have been able to do thanks to the great community partners who are investing in the future of our community. We really can’t thank them enough, ”Weller explained.

“Yes, the goal of the youth center is to provide a safe place to go out and participate in fun activities. Having said that, one of the main goals of these programs is to build trust with the students so that we can provide them with homework and study help to improve their grades, provide them with food at the youth center. and meals they can take home, connect them with social groups and support resources, teach them basic life skills and educate them on the fantastic careers available here at home. This is what we do. This is the raison d’être of the youth center, ”explained Weller.

As a non-profit organization, the Urbana Youth Center relies on donations and local grants to operate. According to UYC, volunteers are essential in delivering the programming that makes the youth center successful. Those wishing to donate or find out more about UYC can go to https://UrbanaYouthCenter.org or text the youth center at 937-772-4022.

Shaun Branson, American Bakeware Production Manager at Bundy Baking Solutions, discusses careers with students visiting UYC facilities.

UYC student members tour the nostalgic part of the Bundy Baking Solutions facility.

UYC student members attend a presentation at Rittal in Urbana.

Student members hear a career-focused presentation in the auditorium of the Urbana Youth Center.

Bundy, Rittal is part of the tour

Information from the Urbana Youth Center.

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