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picture by: Photo by Shelley Hanson

Women’s Giving Circle members, left to right, Sue Molnar, Susie Nelson and Wendy Scatterday thank the Youth Services System for naming the group the Good Samaritan of the Year.

WHEELING – Over the past 11 years, the Women’s Giving Circle has distributed nearly $500,000 in grants to programs that help women and children in the community.

That’s why the band was named the 2022 Good Samaritan of the Year by the Youth Service System.

The announcement was made Monday at a press conference at YSS headquarters in East Wheeling by YSS interim CEO Tammy Kruse.

Kruse introduced three of the circle members, Susie Nelson, Wendy Scatterday and Sue Molnar, all of whom said they were happy the group was receiving the recognition.

The Women’s Giving Circle was an initiative of the Community Foundation for the Ohio Valley, which Nelson directs as executive director.

picture by: Photo by Shelley Hanson

Tammy Kruse, Acting CEO of Youth Services System, announced on Monday that the Women’s Giving Circle is YSS’s 2022 Good Samaritan of the Year.

The group started with 17 members and now has 120. Each year, members donate $500 each, or $250 each if they are under 40. This money is then halved, with part being placed in an endowment and the other part being used for grants.

Nelson said between $40,000 and $60,000 is awarded each year.

Kruse noted that YSS created the award to “celebrate the work of those who go unnoticed.” Nelson said early on that the group wanted to help support women who were aging outside of the foster care system. YSS’s McCrary Center on Wheeling Island helps these women and the group continues to give grants there.

“We are honored to be a recipient,” Nelson said. “We are delighted and grateful. We look forward to continuing this work for many years to come.

Molnar said the group has worked hard to ensure all of its members are comfortable with how the money is handled and the granting process.

“We’ve never had a problem. … I am very proud to be part of the original Giving Circle,” she added.

Scatterday said that since its inception, the group has tried to give to various causes. The group takes and reviews applications.

“We are proud to be part of the Good Samaritan legacy,” she said.

A dinner in honor of the recipients is planned for September.

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