Youth Center receives grant from Blue Cross of Idaho

LINCOLN COUNTY – Lincoln County Youth Center received a $ 50,000 grant from Chobani late last month to help start a business incubator program. The aim of the program is to help children learn how to start their own business.

At the end of last week, the youth center received additional funding through another grant from the Blue Cross of Idaho Foundation valued at $ 40,000. This grant will be used to improve the building of the youth center.

“What a great honor,” said Karma Fitzgerald, board member for the Lincoln County Youth Commission. “We are really proud to work with Blue Cross and appreciate their commitment to community programs like ours. “

The Blue Cross of Idaho Foundation is focused on expanding educational opportunities and resources for children. After hearing about the mission of the youth center and the work it has accomplished in recent months, the Blue Cross wanted to help them meet their needs.

“We want them to be able to use the funds where they feel they need it right now,” said Jackie Yarbrough, senior program manager at Blue Cross of Idaho.

Funding will be allocated to many needs such as structural renovations, additional storage space, educational programs offered by the youth center and payroll support.

“We have a great team,” said Fitzgerald. “We want to be able to offer them additional benefits, perhaps increasing their hourly rate. In addition, we have already implemented an in-house childcare system so that our employees do not have to look for a daycare outside our building.

The Idaho Blue Cross hopes the grant awarded will inspire other organizations in the state to realize the importance of the youth center to the local community and help them succeed in educating their local youth.

“Recognize what the youth center brings to the county,” Yarbrough said. “And what that means for the children and families who now enjoy an incredible supportive environment where their children can be safe, continue to learn, thrive and grow.”

Recent grants from Idaho Blue Cross and Chobani have been of great help to Lincoln County Youth Center in its pursuit of its mission to provide more educational opportunities.

Youth center officials say they are now taking a break and not worrying a bit about funding and are really prioritizing their educational programs.

“With the money from Blue Cross, we will be able to beautify what we already offer,” said Fitzgerald. “With Chobani, we are providing economic opportunities for our children before they even graduate from high school. These are things that do not happen anywhere else in this valley.

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