Youth committee seeks feedback on potential youth center

The survey enables young people and the community as a whole to provide information about needed services in the county.

Information provided by Community Services Workforce Development

Community services Workforce Development announced that the Community Action Board (CAB) Youth Ad Hoc Committee (YC2021) is seeking input from young people in hopes of opening a community youth center in San Benito County.

The release said youth activities and services were identified as a top priority in San Benito County in 2015 based on the Community Needs Assessment (CNA) conducted by the CAB. Following the ANC, in order to give young people a voice on what they believe is important to them, the CAB formed an ad hoc youth committee, known as YC2021.

“I am so happy that a youth center is being considered. I am confident that young people in San Benito County, myself included, will find the resources provided by a center useful,” said Gabriella, a member of the youth ad hoc committee.

The statement said the YC2021 brainstormed with students from San Benito High School and other young people in the community who were eager to share their views and suggestions. The target focus group is made up of young people between the ages of 10 and 24.

CAB member Christy Eggers said, “During the brainstorming sessions, the youth articulated needs, as well as possible solutions, to meet those needs. In doing so, they created an audience investigation. The survey is not just for young people, but for all members of the community.

The release says that as a thank you for sharing their time and expertise, youngsters can be entered to win a pair of AirPod Pros. Three winners will be drawn at the end of the survey.

“Ultimately, the youth envision an all-inclusive youth community center,” the statement read. “The best way to serve our young people is to understand what they really need. Therefore, knowing what services they would take advantage of helps in planning. »

The release says this survey is starting the process and the next steps are to compile and analyze the results. After that, the CAB can move forward to identify funding opportunities for a community center or other identified services and solutions.

“Join us in making our youth our top priority,” the statement read. “Take the youth investigation today.”

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