Youth sector results: November 6-7-8, 2021

Two outstanding performances from the Rossoneri youth sector over the weekend came from the U17 sides, which consist mainly of players born in 2005 but also of a few young people whose year of birth was 2006. Indeed, both Male and female the teams recorded two important and significant victories. Thanks to their 6-1 Winners of Brescia, coach Lantignotti’s side remain at the top of Group B alongside Inter and Atalanta with 19 points from eight matches.

Coach De Martino’s daughters, meanwhile, continued their superb shape with resounding success on Sedriano. They sit on the maximum points after six match days. The U15 women’s team and U13 men’s team also enjoyed a good weekend, while the Primavera woman were held to a draw during their top-of-the-table clash with Hellas Verona. After four victories, this is the first time that the girls of Coach Corti have lost points this season.



UNDER 17 YEARS OF AGE: Matchday 8, AC Milan 6-1 Brescia (14 ‘Longhi; 47, 50’ and 63 ‘Mangiameli; 53’ Rossi; 65 ‘Malaspina)
LESS THAN 12 YEARS: Day 4, Villa 1-6 AC Milan (Sorrentino x2, Borsa, Esposti, Marasco, Seye)
UNDER 11 YEARS: Day 4, Sedriano 3-2 AC Milan (Cremonesi, Vigil)
LESS THAN 10: Day 4, Ausonia 4-6 AC Milan (Kostyuk x2, Antonietti, Colombelli, Colombo, Somma)
LESS THAN 9: Day 4, Centro Schuster 1-13 AC Milan (Pinton x4, Sorrentino x3, Marchesetti x2, Bernasconi, Gambarotto, Moraru, Tornese)
PRIMAVERA WOMEN: Day 5, AC Milan 1-1 Hellas Verona (17 ‘Miotto)
WOMEN’S UNDER 17 YEARS OF AGE: Matchday 6, AC Milan 13-0 Sedriano (2 ‘, 17’, 37 ‘and 67’ Pecce; 3 ‘, 53’ and 71 ‘Zanisi; 9’ and 78 ‘Cappa V.; 26’ Donolato; 48 ‘Sperduto ; 60 ‘Pengo; 73’ own goal)
WOMEN UNDER 11 YEARS OF AGE: Matchday 4, Travaglia 3-0 AC Milan


PRIMAVERA: Matchday 8, Hellas Verona 5-1 AC Milan (48 ‘Tolomello)
UNDER 13: Matchday 6, Como 0-1 Milan (Grilli)
WOMEN UNDER 15 YEARS OF AGE: Day 6, Pro Sesto 0-7 Milan (Lauzi x2, Peres x2, Franco, Sogni, Stendardi)


UNDER 18 YEARS OF AGE: Matchday 7, AC Milan 1-3 Bologna (85 ‘Pluvio)

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